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AMR is paying 40 people to train to become EMTs

BUFFALO, N.Y. — American Medical Response (AMR) is paying 40 people to train to become EMTs via its Earn to Learn program.

Do you want to become an EMT and get paid to go to school? Look no further than AMR.

“We’re the only academy EMT class that actually pays you. It’s an earn while you learn program,” said Scott Karaszewski, AMR’s chief EMS officer.

AMR is looking for 40 people to join its team who have what it takes to fit in.

“Compassionate, care giving, good under pressure, be able to adapt to any situation,” said Karaszewski.

You’ll learn skills and medical training five days a week for ten weeks. Libby Paulsen went through the program, but when she did it, she wasn’t paid.


“It would have made a huge difference because it was hard to juggle working while also going to school and making sure I was doing well on my tests while taking care of my daughter. It would have been nice to have some of the burden off by knowing I was getting a pay check,” Paulsen said.


New EMTs earn $11 an hour while in school, and $14 an hour once certified by the state.

“There’s a lot of carrying people, carrying a lot of equipment, knowing how to drive and getting around the city streets,” Paulsen said.



But before you get behind the wheel of one of the ambulances, you have to go through a pretty extensive physical test.

“It could be challenging, but it’s part of the job which the job can be challenging,” Karaszewski said.

“It’s a lot of physical stuff. It’s a lot of just getting people out of their houses if they’re in pain or sick,” said Paulsen.

The test requires you life over 100 pounds and even carry 75 pounds up and down stairs four times backwards. But Paulsen said it’s all worth it.

“You will see things that you never see anywhere else. I will never have as an exciting job as I did as an EMT,” Paulsen said.

Training for the new EMTs begins September 4th. You can find out more about how to apply here.


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