13 Philly Cops Fired for Facebook Posts - not looking good for 56 more

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross announced Thursday that 13 officers would be fired for making racist or offensive Facebook posts, an unprecedented wave of terminations resulting from a scandal that has attracted national attention.

Speaking alongside Mayor Jim Kenney at a news conference at Police Headquarters, Ross said that in addition to the firings — the largest number of officers dismissed at one time in recent city history


— an additional 56 cops would face disciplinary actions ranging from a reprimand to a 30-day unpaid suspension.


Sadly, these firings and suspensions in Philadelphia may be the clearest message around to all who work for government agencies–especially those in public safety–that a belief the First Amendment will protect your job, no matter what you share on social media, is misguided.

This MCI-SMACSS event is impacting 69 police officers, so far.




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