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Air medical is one of the most desired career paths for EMS professionals – and one of the most competitive. Highly qualified EMTs, paramedics, and nurses are rejected every day because they simply don’t have what it takes to rise above an enormous crowd of candidates.

We can help you make sure you’re one of the ones who get off the ground.

Flight Safety Network is a team of teachers and mentors working full-time in all areas of medical and aviation. In this free newsletter, we give you the proven knowledge of what does – and doesn’t – work to show you’re the right choice for an air medical position, and give you an insider’s look at exactly what it’s like to handle every aspect of an air medical career.

We’re experienced professionals, and we want nothing but the best men and women up there in the air working with us. When we’re called to help, we want people with us who are devoted to giving everything they have, every time. We want people who understand how critical safety is to an air medical situation – for both the crew and the patient – and who hold themselves and their team to the highest standards.

And because we want all of this, we figured we better show you how to do it.

Our training doesn’t hypothesize about what air medical professionals might do in a given situation. We teach you exactly what we will do whenever necessary, and why it’s the right thing to do. We don’t deal in theories. We deal in experience, in training, and in the highest standards of air medical safety.

You’ll learn:

  • How to master a flight interview
  • The insider secrets to fly-along days
  • Tips on what you should look for in a flight program
  • What flight programs really want in a candidate
  • The all-important team approach to air medical safety
  • How to make the most effective use of every critical member of your team
  • Landing zone setup and security
  • And a hell of a lot more

The newsletter is absolutely free to everyone interested in being a part of an air medical team – from the pilots and mechanics to the EMTs, paramedics and nurses to the dispatchers, firefighters, and emergency department staff.

You’ll even get our free ebook, The Flight Stuff – a 30 page guide that explains exactly how to get started as a flight nurse or flight paramedic. We want you on board with us, and we figure showing you what the professionals can do is the best way to get started.


17 Trigger Words That Are Like Cheat Codes For Your Flight Resume

17 Trigger Words That Are Like Cheat Codes For Your Flight Resume

Resume Hacks for Future Flight Nurses, Flight Medics, And EMS Pilots. 5 words – “Die Hard On A Bus” – is all it took for the blockbuster movie “Speed” to get snatched up by movie producers. Why?

How A Special Agents Biggest Mistake Saved EMS Flight Crew Lives

U.S. Customs Special Agent Badge (ICE) for EMS

And How It Can Save Your Life Too A U.S. Customs agent watches. A truck pulls into his border station. Suspicious, he orders the driver out …and searches the vehicle.

How To Speak Words Your EMS Pilot Will Love

Careflight 18 out of Gallup, New Mexico 625

Have you ever started to introduce an old friend and forgot their name? It’s right on the tip of your tongue… you’re looking right at the person, and, and… You can’t remember their name… What the heck! Has this ever happened to you?

Why EMS Pilots Love Firefighters

Medical Helicopter at Scene Call with Firefighters

You know the helpless feeling you get when you realize a glass is about to spill and there’s nothing you can do about it? That dreadful moment when time stands still and all you can do is watch as it happens? You know what’s coming, but you’re completely powerless to stop it. Well, that feeling, is kind…


How One Medieval Weapon Can Make Your Medical Helicopter Landing Zones 500% Safer

picture of medieval sword

And Your Job Easier — “C’mon down Life Flight . . . everything is good!” Have you ever heard these words? Maybe you’ve heard it flying over a Landing Zone (LZ)? Or maybe you’ve said these words looking up at a medical helicopter circling the landing zone you and your team set up? Whether you hear…


The Shocking Truth About Why You’re Not Flying Air Medical

Life Net Scene Call

  And What To Do About It Air medical is one of the most desired career paths for EMS professionals… –and one of the most competitive. Kick-butt paramedics, nurses and pilots are rejected every day because they simply don’t have what it takes to rise above an enormous crowd of candidates. A lot of wannabes…


How to Fly Air Medical for One Day

Fly air medical for one day photo

By Job Shadowing a Real Flight Nurse on Board a Multi-Million Dollar Trauma Helicopter Is it really possible to fly air medical for one day? Sounds crazy, right? I mean, c’mon, you can’t just walk over to your local air medical base and ask to ride along for a day, and have them say “yes?” Or…


How To Virtually Guarantee Yourself a Flight Medic Interview

How To Virtually Guarantee Yourself A Flight Interview

And Get Noticed By Every Air Medical Company In The Country What does it really take to fly air medical? Are flight crew jobs as competitive as everyone claims? The answer to the second question is easy. In a word…