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Man Calls 911 About Lasagna

EDINA, Minn. — A man called 911 after experiencing what he considered an emergency – not having cheddar cheese for his lasagna recipe.

On May 5, a man in Edina, Minnesota, was experiencing what he considered a crisis. His lasagna recipe called for cheddar cheese, and he was fresh out.  He needed a cheese substitute and felt strongly enough about his dilemma to call 911 emergency services.

Finding no cheddar cheese in his fridge, the unidentified man called direct to the Edina Police Department’s emergency line.

The department eventually tweeted about the incident ― which it described as “not a good use of 911” ― while questioning why anyone would use cheddar in lasagna.

"Sir, this is not an appropriate use of 911," the dispatcher said in the call.

Huffington Post originally covered this story.

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Troy Shaffer
Troy Shaffer

About the Author: Troy is an Air Medical Career Expert passionate about a team approach to improving air medical safety from the ground up. Troy is a former Army medic, Army pilot, Coast Guard pilot and EMS pilot. Troy has taught hundreds of wannabe flight medics, flight nurses and EMS pilots the exact steps needed to launch air medical careers.

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