Japan based Doctor-Heli Helicopter

— Remote-controlled devices may be added to emergency kits nationwide.

By Shusuke Murai
The Japan Times


This fall, first responders are scheduled to test drones to help sick or injured people. The tests could lead to the remote-controlled devices being added to emergency kits nationwide.

The trials in Kyushu will involve medics flying medicines, defibrillators and other medical supplies to places where airborne delivery will be faster than on land.

“Drones add more options for rescuers to reach patients,” said project leader Yusuke Enjoji, an official in the Saga Prefectural Government.

Enjoji is CEO of the group behind the project, the Emergency Medical and Disaster Coping Automated Drones Support System Utilization Promotion Council, or Edac.

The tests will focus on drones’ accuracy and resilience in windy conditions.

The trials are scheduled to continue until March, and the findings will be presented at symposiums in Fukuoka and Tokyo.

If all goes well, the group hopes to integrate drones with tools available to emergency responders on a typical 119 call.

The caller’s location can be determined from the GPS fix of their mobile phone, and the drone’s video camera may help rescuers to grasp the situation before they arrive.

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