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Air Medical Fly Along day Banner from EMS Flight Safety Network

By Job Shadowing a Real Flight Nurse on Board a Multi-Million Dollar Trauma Helicopter

Is it really possible to fly air medical for one day? Sounds crazy, right?

I mean, c’mon, you can’t just walk over to your local air medical base and ask to ride along for a day, and have them say “yes?”

Or can you?

The answer will probably surprise you.

Most people agree the idea does sound crazy.

It’s crazy to think flying air medical for one day is even possible. The idea seems too far fetched. It’s so unbelievable that a lot of folks dismiss the whole idea. And it’s these same folks who miss one of the best kept secrets in the medical field.

What is the best kept secret in the medical field?

The best kept secret in the medical field is air medical fly-along day. A real world opportunity to fly along with your local air medical crew.

Don’t miss out.

Fly along day is real. And it really is the chance of a lifetime for many people.

Fly Real Cases, Treat Real Patients, Decide if Air Medical is Really for You

So what exactly is Air Medical Fly-along day?

Air medical fly-along day is a job shadow program offered by most air medical helicopter companies. A chance to see first-hand what flight nurses, flight paramedics and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) pilots do on a “typical” day. Air medical job shadow programs are just like any other job shadow program, except for one very neat exception –you get to fly!

You already know what job shadow means

Job shadow means you follow around (shadow) a professional working in a career field that interests you. For example purposes, lets say a kindergarten teacher. So if you were going to job shadow a kindergarten teacher, you would do everything he or she does to prepare, setup and teach kindergarten classes to kindergarten students.

Air Medical job shadowing works the same way. You follow along and watch what real flight crews do to prepare, setup and fly trauma patients from accident scenes to hospitals, and from hospital to hospital.

You spend a day flying with actual flight crew on board real trauma helicopters. You get to see what the crews do. And you get to ask the questions you always wanted to ask:

  • How fast does this bad boy go?
  • When and where are we getting gas? When do we eat?
  • How does the hospital know we’re coming?
  • Shouldn’t somebody let them know we’re going to land on their roof?

You get the idea.

Who Can Benefit from Air Medical Fly-Along Day?

You can benefit from air medical fly-along day, even if you’re not sure air medical is the right career for you.

And if you already have an interest in air medical careers; you owe it to yourself to do a fly-along day.

There is simply no substitute for actual helicopter flying when figuring out if helicopter flying is for you.

Does anybody else benefit from fly-along day? 

The answer is yes.

Your local hospital, the flight companies, and your local community all benefit from fly-along day.

This is one of the reasons air medical fly-along is possible. All three groups are trying to spread the word about the services they offer. All three groups need a certain amount of cases to sustain operations. All three groups benefit from the positive buzz and word of mouth advertising created through fly-along days.

Have I convinced you yet?  I hope so.

I Want to Fly… How Do I Get Started?

How do you sign up for air medical fly along day?

You sign up for air medical fly-along day the same way you sign up for any other job shadow program.

Reach out to your closest air medical program and get the details of what they require to fly along. If you’re starting from scratch, it might take a little digging to learn the local process. But if you’re serious about flying, you’ll find answers quickly (probably within the hour).

The most important thing is to take action. They’re not going to call you, right?

So you have to show initiative and give them a call, or visit, or whatever it takes.

Flying along for a day is more than just a crazy rumor. It’s real.

And it’s up to you to make it happen.

So get started. Your flight plan is waiting.

Pay It Forward

Does your local helicopter service offer fly-along days?

Give them some love. Share your local air medical program in the comments section below (and any other helpful info).

Troy Shaffer
Troy Shaffer

About the Author: Troy is an Air Medical Career Expert passionate about a team approach to improving air medical safety from the ground up. Troy is a former Army medic, Army pilot, Coast Guard pilot and EMS pilot. Troy has taught hundreds of wannabe flight medics, flight nurses and EMS pilots the exact steps needed to launch air medical careers.

    150 replies to "How to Fly Air Medical for One Day"

    • Mike Hofmann

      I’m not a wanna be I’m too scared to be I refuse to fly. But I got mad respect for those who actually are! Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

      • Troy Shaffer


        Nothing wrong with staying grounded. And you’re in very good company. The majority of Flight Safety Network keeps air medical safe from the ground … dispatchers, mechanics, firefighters, EMTs, medics, nurses, ER staff, security, and more.

        Good on you for knowing what’s right for you, and what’s not right for you.

        • Shawn

          Man that’s awesome. I live Flying… Not that I have Personally Flown, but I love being up in a helicopter even as a passenger, I’d love to get my pilot’s license and give back to the community and people in Need of Help. I’m getting older and always wanted to do it, My first flight was a Life flight after I was in a horrible car wreck on my Birthday and I do remember talking with the Piolet and he gor me to the other hospital inside of 12 mins and He said it was appropriate 20 min ride and I remember he said.. “I’m gonna get you there in about 12”. 😉 He was Awesome the whole crew.. I blacked out as I was over my town , in and out til we landed. I been up in lil birds since, but it’s bn a couple years and I crave it.. It’s a Rush for me. I’d love to do this for a day and look into getting my Piolet liscense and perhaps become a Piolet for the next 20 years or so. Thanks for the info.. and all you do. #helicopters?R?awesome

    • Donald Pelt

      Yes Care flight here in Reno Nevada does it. I think its once a year costs like a hundred dollars and you get a 20 min flight around the biggest little city.

    • Anthony Falzone

      Lifeforce Air Medical out of Chattanooga, TN offers fly-alongs for EMTs/Paramedics/RNs/Drs. They have 4 bases with the main in Chattanooga out of Erlanger Medical Center. I’m a paramedic of almost 2 years (10 in EMS) and have recently flown with Lifeforce 1. Exceptional group of professionals! I am hooked on air medical as a future career choice and am making the suggested career choices/obtaining education now that will prepare me to apply in a few years. Really enjoy your newsletters and FB posts.


      • Troy Shaffer


        Thanks for all the great information. This will help people get started. Also, thanks for the kind words.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Matthew Woodson

      Anyone know of fly along programs near Little Rock, AR? I am a nursing student in Searcy and dream of becoming a flight nurse one day. I’ve never been up in a trauma chopper. I know childrens hosp has 2 Sikorsky 76’s. I’ve toured them but they’re strictly transfer and don’t do ride alongs often. Anyone have any other leads?

      An aspiring flight nurse,
      -Matt Woodson

      • Troy Shaffer

        Hi Matthew,
        Air Methods Corporation has a program in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
        Let us know how you make out.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Adrian houston

      Becoming a pilot and a RN is my career goal. I would love to get my hands on an opportunity to “fly-along”. If you can give me the list of companies that have this program , that would be great. I live in the Reseda area of California, so I’m not sure if that will limit me. And if you have any strategies in helping me get hired into these air medical careers, that also will help me in the long run. Thanks

      • Troy Shaffer

        Hi Adrian,
        Pilot and Registered Nurse (RN) are two different career paths. We have courses on how to get started in either career. A good place to start is with our Crew Newsletter and “The Flight Stuff” free eBook. You can sign up for both here:

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Joel vivian

      I love to fly along one day be fun see what go on

      • Troy Shaffer

        Fly-along day is an awesome experience. And if you’re interested in air medical as a career, there is no better way to get a feel for flying than actually doing it. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Phil Perry

      How do I find my local air medical service so I can try to do a job shadow?

      • Troy Shaffer

        Hi Phil,
        There’s a couple ways to set this up. If possible, visiting in person is probably the best way to get all the information you need. If visiting a base isn’t an option, try calling the main switchboard number of local hospitals and asking them to transfer you to the appropriate department. It may take a little digging around to get to the right people. But it’s absolutely worth the time.

        Another good place to start is with our Crew Newsletter and free “The Flight Stuff” ebook. You can sign up here:

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Skip Yuhnke

      For those of you that have never done it…GO FOR IT! I got my first taste of flying medevacs in 1982 and started by doing fixed wings. In 1991 after being a patient on my service for the second time in <10 years I started flying rotor wing flights…was one (of two) of the first full time medics in 1995 here and I have been FT since. This is the most exciting and rewarding job in EMS…I hope to retire here!

      • Troy Shaffer

        Hi Skip,

        Thank you for sharing your experience with Flight Safety Network. You are an inspiration for people just getting started.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds,


        • Skip Yuhnke

          Thanks Troy…you are doing a great job…I totally enjoy the site and what you are doing to get people started in Flight EMS! I am always available for questions to those in the Western New York area and can be reached through my service or by e mail…Mercy Flight of Western New York.

    • Thomas Phillips

      Memorial Hermann Life Flight in Houston, Texas offers ride alongs. I’m not sure how to go about signing up, but I plan on doing a few in the summer when I’m home from school.

    • amy hall

      Are there any air medical flight services near paintsville ky that offer ride alongs? I have always wanted to become a pilot and possibly work for air methods.

      • Troy Shaffer

        The Association of Air Medical Services lists 28 rotor wing (helicopter) bases and 1 fixed wing (airplane) base in the state of Kentucky for 2013. I am not familiar enough with the state to know the closest base to Paintsville, Kentucky. Start by calling the hospital closest to you and working outward from there. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Steve Walters

      Geisinger Life Flight, Danville PA has a ride along program at all five bases throughout Central and Eastern PA. The program is open daily March-May and Sept-Nov.

      • Troy Shaffer

        Thank you for sharing. Geisinger is a quality program packed full of quality folks.

        Clear Skies and Tailwinds

    • Steven Jones

      ETMC Air One. Tyler, Athens and Mt Pleasant Texas.

      • Troy Shaffer

        Thank you. This will help folks get started. Also, and just for reader clarification: ETMC stands for East Texas Medical Center.

        Clear Skies and Tailwinds

    • Rod Kester

      LifeNet of NY fully supports fly alongs.

      • Troy Shaffer

        Thanks Rod! Hopefully lots of good folks in New York will take advantage of the opportunity to fly with LifeNet of NY.

        Clear Skies and Tailwinds

    • Pam Mason Perkins

      ARCH Air Medical in Missouri and Illinois

      • Troy Shaffer

        Thanks Pam! I have heard very nice things about ARCH. I hope lots of folks take advantage of the opportunity.

        Clear Skies and Tailwinds

    • Krystal Jones

      I would love to shadow someone one day.

      • Troy Shaffer

        Our best advice is to schedule a fly-along day and ‘Just Do It.’ There are a couple other things to keep in mind if you’re already applying for air medical jobs or getting close to applying for air medical jobs. But if you’re just interested in seeing what air medical flying is about, just go for it right now. I hope this helps you.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Pete Morrison

      This is former VSP 37VA, BK 117. It now belongs to Indiana University.

    • Matthew Anthony Woodson

      Looking for a flight unit near Little Rock, AR or Vero Beach, FL for a nursing student aspiring to become a flight nurse!

      • Troy Shaffer


        Start with the ADAMS database of air medical helicopters or by calling hospitals in your areas of interest and asking for contact people in each perspective program.

        It sometimes takes a little bit of digging, but it’s always worth the effort. Let us know how you make out.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Matt Jensen

      All Indiana St Vincent’s Statflight (PHI AirMedical) bases have a ride along program! Just contact any of them for details.

      • Troy Shaffer


        Thank you for the information and link to the website. This will help people get started.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Jerrica Moon

      LifeFlight in Des Moines, IA does! I did a ride a long 2 years in a row & then decided to take steps to become a flight nurse! And it worked, just finished LifeFlight orientation this past week!!!

      • Troy Shaffer


        Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your story. I hope it inspires others to get started with a ride along day.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Lynn Germanowski

      LifeFlight out of Bay State, Springfield,MA used to, don’t know if they still do. i would love to ride along with them.

      • Troy Shaffer


        Thank you for sharing. Let us know if you get any updated information.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Steve Cashion

      UNC CHAPEL HILL does and u have to be a member of public safety and under 200lbs and sign a wavier if dropped off on scene then find ur own way back to Chapel Hill.

      • Troy Shaffer


        Thanks for the information. Please understand “dropped off on scene” in almost all cases means dropped off with the ground EMS units who will give you a ride back to base. I don’t want to scare anyone away from a great opportunity. Good crews will make sure ride-alongs get back to base.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Kyle

      What’s the best way to ask? Does it have to be on a certain day?

      • Troy Shaffer


        If you have the means, the best way is to visit the base in person. They you get the benefit of meeting the local flight crew and getting first hand information about their fly-along program requirements.

        Generally, flight programs offer fly-along programs during specific seasons of the year. You’ll be given a couple options and pick the day that fits your schedule the best.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Ŧ Rob Marshall Ŧ

      Unfortunately the air medical service where I live now doesn’t do this. Not enough room. However where I uses to live in Lubbock Aerocare does it for ems students and nurses as we’ll.

      • Troy Shaffer


        Thanks for the tip and information about Aerocare in Lubbock, Texas. The information will help others in that area.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Drew Rieder

      Medflight of Ohio not only allows fly alongs. They advertise it. Civilian or service provider.

      • Troy Shaffer


        Thanks for the information about Medflight of Ohio.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Bryon Denton

      Arch Air Medical – St Louis. Lifestar-Joliet. REACT-Rockford. All Air Methods Bases. Can go to or

      • Troy Shaffer


        Thanks for sharing the information.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Ashley Vansant

      yesssssss !!! and, i’ll be doing one with them this Saturday !

    • Justin Miller

      Anyone know of a company that offers this in Pittsburgh PA?


    • Jaryd Ryan

      I just did one with LifeLink III in MN this past Saturday the 26th. It was an amazing experience going to a hospital I drive into so often from the top and not the bottom. 🙂

      • Troy Shaffer


        Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your experience and giving LifeLink III some recognition.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Nancy Donaldson


    • Amanda Petersen

      We do at TriState Careflight

      • Troy Shaffer


        Thanks for sharing. Your comment will help somebody get started at TriState Careflight.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Steve Black

      Heh, we have a waiting list at my base.

      • Steve, thanks for commenting. Do you have a link where readers can go for more information?

      • Steve Black

        No link to share. First, we only do it during the cooler months for gross weight reasons. Second, local word of mouth alone ensures we have a long waiting list already. Trust me, if you are a paramedic, nurse, or firefighter in my area, you already know we do this, and have either done it already, or are on the list.

        We do many local PR events. Come see us and we’ll add you to the list. I’m in the Harrisonburg, VA area.

        • Troy Shaffer


          Thanks for the information.

          Clear Skies & Tailwinds.

    • Benjamin Karl Bagley

      heck no , and I even was a flight nurse-paramedic for 20 years , go figure

    • Donna Hutton

      Casey Kennedy did you see this?

      • Casey Kennedy

        I think this would be neat!! I know that our company really doesn’t do this often.

        • Troy Shaffer


          Fly along day benefits the company and the individual. It’s truly a “win-win” for the individual, company and community.

          Clear Skies & Tailwinds

      • Casey, What company do you fly with? ~FSN

      • Donna Hutton

        Tri-State Care Flight is her Company!

        • Troy Shaffer


          Thanks for the update. Tri-State Care Flight is a great service.

          Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Mary Sturdevant

      EMS and medical staff can schedule fly along days anytime with Guthrie Air, excluding weight limits and related concerns.

      • Troy Shaffer


        Thanks for the information.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Jeremy Springer

      Yes they do, But I haven’t done it yet.

      • Troy Shaffer


        Thanks for commenting. If you’re considering an air medical career, fly-along day is a great opportunity to find out your suitability. It’s not for everyone. Best of luck to you. Keep us updated.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Life Net 81

      Of course they do 🙂

      • Troy Shaffer

        Thanks for sharing. You’re welcome to post your base contact details or a link. Keep up the great work!

    • Steve Weygand

      I have flown with life net of Ny I learned a lot that day and it was well worth the experience to see if you could handle flying in a confined space or not. I recommend anybody who has ever thought of becoming a flight medic or trama Nurse to give it a try you might be surprised as to what you learn that day.

      • Troy Shaffer


        Thanks for the sound advice. I’m glad to hear you had a good experience with your personal fly-along day.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • nick gilbert

      JEFFSTAT here in the philadelphia area. Observed for a 12 hour shift and it was awesome. Got to run a scene call and hospital transfer and it got me hooked. Go on their website and theres a link for “observation shift”

      • Troy Shaffer


        Thanks for sharing. Your information will definitely help some people get started.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Gary E. Morin

      i want to fly………..please

      • Troy Shaffer


        Step one is to reach out to your local air medical and ask about flying along. Let us know how it works out for you.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Tara Underwood

      Aww, you photoshopped all the fun off of our A/C!

      • Troy Shaffer


        We prefer to avoid any copyright issues. But your aircraft is still “fun”. Thanks for commenting.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Ashli Formaro

      Mercy One — Des Moines and Knoxville, Iowa

      • Troy Shaffer


        Two great air medical programs in Iowa. Thanks for sharing.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Courtney Nicole

      Mercy One-Des Moines
      LifeFlight Des Moines

      • Troy Shaffer


        Two great programs in Iowa. Thanks for sharing.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

      • Troy Shaffer

        Life Net 81,

        Thanks for being a class act. We appreciate you sharing your contact information.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Crystal Nykiel


      • Troy Shaffer


        Thanks for sharing.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Jo Johnson Young

      Stanford Lifeflight and CalSTAR

      • Troy Shaffer


        Both great air medical programs in California. Thanks for sharing.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Craig J Kleinhans

      PHI Med 4-1 in Modesto, CA. Does ride alongs

      • Troy Shaffer


        PHI is a great company with lots of great air medical programs. Thanks for the information specific to California.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Metro Life Flight, Cleveland Ohio

      • Troy Shaffer


        Both great programs in Ohio. Thanks for sharing.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Becky Williams

      Miami Valley Careflight and Medflight

      • Troy Shaffer


        Both great air medical programs. Thanks for the information.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Jay Dizzle

      Anyone in California?

      • Troy Shaffer


        There are a lot of quality air medical programs in California. Some are mentioned in the comments above. Let us know how it works out for you.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Billie Jo Ward

      Life Flight, Toledo Ohio

      • Troy Shaffer


        Thanks for the information.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Patrick Perkins

      I did fly time with Metro Life Flight. MedFlight and Stat MedEvac also permit fly-alongs.

      • Troy Shaffer


        Thanks for the information. All three of the programs you mention are top-notch.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • John

      Hey Troy! This is an awesome article. I’m in nursing school and one of my dreams is to take my interest of flying and passion for nursing and combine them! I live around Seattle Washington and was wondering if there are any flight opportunities that you might advise me toward. Or possible institutions that might have a program like this? I really interested in doing this, one day I hope I can be as qualified as you are! Thanks for the response in advance.

    • Kelli Mccormack

      I wish

      • Troy Shaffer


        Sometimes it takes a little traveling to hook up with an air medical program. For what it’s worth, all our members who have done so, say it’s absolutely worth the effort. Good luck to you.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Craig J Kleinhans

      Yup!! Ride along with PHI MED 4-1 in Modesto, CA…

      • Troy Shaffer


        Thanks for sharing. PHI is a great company and I’m sure their ride-along program is excellent!

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Just Nyles Humphrey

      Yep both Billings Clinic MedFlight and St Vincent HELP Flight

      • Troy Shaffer


        Thanks for sharing. Your program information will help folks get started.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Hayden Scott

      San Antonio Air Life

      • Troy Shaffer


        San Antonio Air Life is a great program. Thanks for sharing.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Janelle Arndt Zehr

      Vanderbilt LifeFlight

      • Troy Shaffer


        Vanderbilt Life Flight is a great program. Thanks for sharing.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Craig J Kleinhans

      PHI Air Med 4-1 in Modesto, CA

      • Troy Shaffer


        Thanks for sharing. Your information will help other folks get started.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Gerardo Vargas

      Mercy Air, Southern California

      • Troy Shaffer


        Thanks for letting us know about the Mercy Air (of California) fly-along program.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Devin Hasenauer

      Not for the general public, but for anyone in Fire or EMS. MedCenter Air Charlotte NC and LifeNet South Carolina

      • Troy Shaffer


        An EMS or Fire background is always helpful when looking for fly-along opportunities. Some flight programs prefer to limit fly-along opportunities to folks who could potentially work with/for them in the future. Thanks for letting us know.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • John C

      Hey Troy! Wondering about who I could contact in SEATTLE about flight nursing shadows. Thanks!

    • Ian T

      Hey Troy! I work in medical education in Madison, WI and always see the flight crews around the hospital. I have previously flown fixed wing aircraft and might want to see if flying helicopters, especially as a med flight pilot/professional is a possible career path I want to pursue. However, I don’t think they would let a non-medical professional fly with? Any insights on that? Or should I just contact them and ask? I guess it never hurts to ask.


      • Troy Shaffer

        Hi Ian,

        Thanks for a great question that I know lots of others are wondering about. In this case, your gut instinct is correct. It’s always better to ask (preferably in person) when you’re not sure of specific fly-along requirements.

        The answer to your question about whether air medical programs let non-medical professionals fly-along… Is that it depends. I know that’s not the answer you or anybody else wants to hear. But it’s the truth. It totally depends on the program, their current focus on outreach, their current staffing needs, etc, etc. All these factors are out of your control and nothing you should worry about.

        The best thing to do is contact the flight program directly. Let us know how you make out. I hope it works out for you.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Brad Vancil

      I’m rather familiar with ride alongs!

      • Troy Shaffer


        Awesome! Share your experience so others can benefit from it.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Dennis Kelly

      I wish Medforce did fly alongs

      • Troy Shaffer


        It’s a bummer when your hometown favorite doesn’t offer the opportunity. Realize the air medical service usually has good reasons for not offering fly-along days. The specific reasons vary from company to company.

        But . . . you can always travel to schedule a fly-along day. Almost everyone who does a fly along day raves about the experience. Something to think about.

        Clear Skies & Tailwinds

    • Brian Hatch

      AirLife Denver does.

    • Craig J Kleinhans

      PHI MED 4-1 does in Modesto, CA. Go to their FB page

    • Alice Dycus

      Thank you for all you do!!!!

    • Darrell Fixler

      U forgot Respiratory Therapist

    • Margaret Wendall

      I’d be in the way.

    • Nancy Dubé


    • Rebecca Knowland

      hell…..YES!!!! If no then why not??? Go Lady or Gent Nurse Medic Pilot’s. GO for it

    • Barry Kaufman

      I flew several times way back decades ago…… that time I was an Advanced EMT-A in OHIO. I really enjoyed the experience. Several people who I ran squad and fire with…..went on to become medics in the field. At that time my wife and I had three small boys at home. I’m happy to say that I completed 39 years in the educational field….and now retired. Great memories from the experiences.

    • Ashley Phillips-Lee

      Have had the privilege to do two so far. Vanderbilt Life Flight has 6 bases in the state of Tennessee. Plus, if you don’t get a flight the day you are scheduled they allow for a reschedule to try to get a flight! You can fly once every 3 years and they require that you live within their coverage area but this is a loose requirement as they also house a jet for long distance transports at the Nashville airport. You can also fly it as well if you choose!

      Another opportunity is Huntsville Medflight based in Meridianville, AL. They serve the area of Huntsville, AL and some areas of Southern Tennessee. You can find info to fly on their website by Goodling it or call the base. You can fly once every 12 months.

      For both opportunities they require that you are actively involved in a emergency medical related field either paid or volunteer.

    • Addison Burley

      Hello Troy! I am from the Houston area and very interested in Memorial Hermann’s flight nurse position. I am about to start the BSN program at UTMB and wanting to do a ride along. I literally have dreamt about it and really dedicated.

    • Addison Burley

      … and thank you for your service!

    • steven ferrand

      Does anyone know of any shadowing programs for air medical in northeast Ohio?

    • Paula Quintana

      I was EMT back in the 80s. I have been on flight for life here in thornton Co. And I sure miss flying. I would love someone to invite me for shadowing.

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