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EMT Honored for Heroic Actions During Las Vegas Shooting

— Brittany Speer set up a triage area at the concert after the shooting and was recognized with a Medal of Courage.

LOS ANGELES — An EMT was honored for her heroic actions after treating Las Vegas shooting victims.

ABC7 reported that UCLA EMT Brittany Speer was given the Medal of Courage award by the UCLA Police Department for setting up a triage area after the deadly shooting at the Route 91 Harvest music festival, which she was attending with her family.

“It was the most fun weekend of my life that ended up being the most terrifying night of my life,” Speer said.

Speer’s father was shot in the incident, but has since recovered. Her family was able to escape, and Speer used her training to treat several victims.

“I didn’t know if there was a threat, if the threat was still active,” Speer said. “I knew I hadn’t heard shots in a while. I really didn’t think about my own safety at that time. I was just thinking about the safety of others.”

“She just jumps in, does what she does,” her father, Greg Speer, said. “And it’s done and we don’t talk about it. But as a father, oh boy – couldn’t be more proud of her.”

Speer is part of UCLA EMS, which is mostly run by students who aim to become first responders after graduation.

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Troy Shaffer
Troy Shaffer

About the Author: Troy is an Air Medical Career Expert passionate about a team approach to improving air medical safety from the ground up. Troy is a former Army medic, Army pilot, Coast Guard pilot and EMS pilot. Troy has taught hundreds of wannabe flight medics, flight nurses and EMS pilots the exact steps needed to launch air medical careers.

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