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Oklahoma based air medical service honored at Oklahoma EMS Conference with EMS Service of the Year and Educator of the Year

TULSA, OK., Nov. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Air Methods, the leading air medical service provider, announced that its Tulsa LifeFlight program was named the EMS Service of the Year at the Oklahoma EMS Conference. In addition, Larry Brewer, one of the Air Method’s EMS Medics, won the Educator of the Year Award. Both the Tulsa LifeFlight program and Larry Brewer are consistently committed to providing the highest level of service to patients in the Tulsa region.


The Oklahoma EMS Conference awards, which honor those dedicated to bettering the air medical field with outstanding performance, awarded the Tulsa LifeFlight program for its constant dedication to the community, continuous service, and its work to ensure that patients get the best care from the moment that the patient comes into their sight. 

The program was started 40 years ago and now has two locations across eastern Oklahoma. It is now one of the nation’s safest and most utilized air medical transport services and has been continuously CAMTS accredited since 1996.


Brewer was awarded the Educator of the Year for his committed to his position as an EMS flight paramedic for the last twenty-five years. Brewer is a flight paramedic with Tulsa Life Flight 2 in Pryor, Oklahoma, and is the director of the Rogers State University paramedic program. He is continually contributing to the educational development of others and has trained hundreds of EMS providers. Brewer advances the EMS learning curriculum with his innovative approach to teaching others in the industry and his undeniable skillset.

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“Receiving this award is such an incredible honor for Tulsa LifeFlight and Air Methods,” said Shane Farmer, vice president of Air Methods. 

“Our team dedicates their time to serving the community, and their efforts are an inspiration to the entire Air Methods crew. It is a privilege to be acknowledged for their ongoing support for the community.”


Air Methods’ strict adherence to training and safety is extremely important to the organization. The unmatched rigorous and extensive preparation makes Air Methods a leader in the air medical industry. 

The team is always prepared to save lives at any moment in time. They provide access to care for millions of people who would not have been able to make it to a trauma center in an emergency.


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