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Patient Attacks EMTS and Smashes Ambulance Windows

Patient Attacks EMTS and Smashes Ambulance Windows

A man is facing assault charges after he became combative with EMTs and smashed an ambulance’s windows over the weekend.

VICTORVILLE, Calif. — The intoxicated man was picked up by the San Bernardino County Fire Medic Ambulance #305, which was forced to pull over when the EMTs feared for their safety.

“They [the EMTs] were able to get themselves out and lock the doors and lock him inside until we got here. He was throwing stuff around inside, then took a pair of scissors and that’s when he broke the windows out,” Victorville Sgt. Mark Smith told Victor Valley News.

“He started acting violent and combative with the EMTs in the back, they grew concerned about their safety and called us,” said Sgt. Mark Smith.

Deputies used pepper spray after several attempts to calm the patient down. The patient was transported to the hospital, but is expected to be booked on assault and vandalism charges.

EMTs suffered minor injuries during the assault; the ambulance was placed out of service.

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