We Don't Just Teach You "How to Live the EMS Dream" . . . We Built Our Company Around It

We take you by the hand...

and show you everything you need to know and do...

to start flying air medical.

No matter what your current level of experience, we have a program to move you closer to your dream.

And it really is a dream job . . .

What is EMS Flight Safety Network?

The heart of Flight Safety Network is people.

Flight Safety Network is the people who keep air ambulance flights safe.

The people who keep you from becoming the next air medical statistic.

The people who care for what matters most to you  --the people you love.

But that's not all . . .

Flight Safety Network is also a thriving online community and powerful training & membership website . . .

Most folks think air medical is about Flight Crews and Helicopters --because that's what they see. So flight crews and helicopters is what they think of when they hear the words air medical or air ambulance.

But Flight Safety Network is more. A lot more . . .

We love our flight crews and helicopters . . . but we know they're just one part of a bigger network, a bigger purpose, a bigger dream.

Flight Safety Network includes the whole team.

Flight Safety Network includes everyone who works hard to keep flight crews, patients, and your loved ones --safe.

The Flight Safety Net Philosophy

The Flight Safety Net philosophy is a ground-up, team approach to air medical safety and success.

Teamwork is what keeps us alive.

People are who gets it done.

We want the same thing every air medical professional wants -  zero air medical accidents.

But the zero-accidents goal is nothing new . . . who doesn't want to see a complete stoppage of all medical helicopter and airplane crashes?

What's different about Flight Safety Network is our philosophy on how to get it done.

A new approach . . .

You can read our full philosophy in The Flight Safety Net Manifesto here.

Who Belongs to Flight Safety Network?

Flight Safety Network includes all the careers that influence the safe outcome of an air medical flight. The specific list of careers is hotly debated on the Emergency Medical Services Flight Safety Network facebook page.

Here are some of the careers in Flight Safety Network:

  • EMT
  • Firefighter
  • Dispatcher
  • Trauma Doctor
  • Flight Nurse
  • ER Nurse
  • NICU Nurse
  • Flight Medic
  • Ground Paramedic
  • Pilot
  • Mechanic
  • Hospital Security
  • Landing Zone Officer
  • Flight Communication Specialist

Flight Safety Network also includes the family, friends and support networks of the people who work Flight Safety Net careers. This is a "no-brainer." Few, if any, professional flight crew believe they could have reached their career goals without the strong support of family and friends.

Success requires support. Thinking differently is silly.

It's like thinking a pro athlete can compete at a world class level without professional coaches and supportive family and friends. Put simply, they cannot.

But here's the catch . . .

If you want to move from "fan" to "player" status . . . you also need these three important things

      • Highly specialized training and education
      • An intimate understanding of how Air Medical really works
      • Insatiable Desire

Flight Safety Net training and coaching programs get you started --

. . . and keep you moving toward your goals.

Or to summarize what we do with our company motto . . .

We get you ready to live the dream

A Community of Over 201,326 Extended Family, Friends & Fans

Flight Safety Network is also an online community of over 181,326 caring professionals, fans, supporters and wannabes.

Let's not kid ourselves . . .

Professional flight crews willingly admit they could not have accomplished their goals without the strong support of family and friends. Which is the reason family and friends are as much a part of Flight Safety Network as anyone else.

Air medical is one of the most exciting and rewarding career paths in the world.

So it's really no surprise how many people want to contribute to the success of air medical.


About Flight Safety Net Founder Troy Shaffer

Troy Shaffer, Founder, Flight Safety NetworkFlight Safety Network was founded in June of 2009 by Troy Shaffer. Troy is the CEO of Flight Safety Net Media, LLC; and is a career emergency medical services and search & rescue worker. He is a former military pilot, EMS pilot, and military medic.

Troy coached hundreds of paramedics, nurses & pilots to air medical jobs before moving his training and coaching programs to an online membership site. The result of that move is the new FlightSafetyNet.com.


Online Training & Membership

Flight Safety Network is the premier online training and membership site for people who want to start or advance their Flight Safety Net careers.

Are you interested in a Flight Safety Net career? But not sure where to start?

Prefer to take us for a test flight before you invest your hard earned money?

We don't blame you.

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The Future of Air Medical

You are the future of air medical.

We believe the fastest path to sustained air medical safety is through the recruitment and training of future flight nurses, flight paramedics, EMS pilots & landing zone coordinators. We give you tools (free and premium) to succeed and excel at all four jobs.

No matter what your current level of training or expertise, we have tools to move you closer to your goal of flying professionally.