One-on-One Premier Coaching

A Complete A-to-Z Personal Coaching System for getting an air medical flight crew job as quickly as possible.

Your current qualifications to flight crew step-by-step.

A coaching system tailored to your exact needs.

Designed specifically for emergency medical technicians, paramedics and nurses. Flight Safety Network professionals take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know to earn your air medical wings.

Live the Dream - Faster!

If you’re like a lot of Flight Safety Network members, you’re already good at what you do.  And you already know Emergency Medical Services (EMS) careers are more than ‘just a job.’ You know EMS is a calling that extends way beyond a paycheck.

Life experience has also taught you the value of knowing exactly what to do . . . and when to do it.

That's what our premier one-on-one coaching program does for you. It teaches you exactly what to do, and when to do it. It also saves you a bunch of time and money.

We've all wasted time chasing false promises. This coaching cuts out the wasted time. It shows and tells you exactly what to do . . . to get flying air medical quickly.


Here’s the thing . . .

A lot of life experiences can be done quicker with an experienced coach and mentor. It makes sense. Following in the footsteps of someone who's already accomplished what you want to do . . . works.

I understand.

I was in your shoes 25+ years ago.  I knew what I wanted to do, but I really had no idea how to do it.

I needed good advice when I started as an Army medic.  And I needed good advice again when I started flying as an EMS pilot.

I wanted to do both so badly it was all I could think about.   But I had no idea how to get started.  So I ended up wasting a lot of time, energy and money.

Maybe you’re experiencing some of the same frustrations I experienced 25 years ago?

No Cheap or Easy Shortcuts Around Experience

This is important!

We pride ourselves on ‘telling it like it is’ to our customers.  Please read and understand the following:

Our one-on-one premier coaching is expensive and challenging.

Our training is exciting, fun, and as real-world as it gets!

We ask a lot of our coaching students.

The truth is . . . earning an air medical flight job takes a lot of heart, and a lot of effort on your part. The competition for flight jobs is intense. Flying air medical is not for everybody and not just anybody can do it.

Realize this training opportunity is a big commitment . . . and something you should take seriously.

Find a Job You Love . . .

And You'll Never Work Another Day

The truth is there will always be more medics, nurses, and pilots who want to fly, than actual flight jobs. The reason most flight crews seem super sharp and awesome at what they do — is because most of them really are awesome.

The real deal . . .

But the rest of the story is that most flight paramedics and nurses started out just like you.  They were concerned about their skills not being good enough, or not being in good enough physical shape, breaking free from the rut, or a mistake in their past keeping them from their dreams.  But you know what?  They did it.

So did I.

And so can you.

If you’re having any of these feelings or doubts . . .

It’s okay.  It's completely natural.

The secret to eliminating fear and doubt . . . is to take action! Start moving toward your goals today.

A Feeling Like No Other . . .

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.

Leonardo da Vinci, Teacher & Philosopher

Who Can Put a Price on Happiness?

It’s true.

When you love your job, it doesn’t seem like work. Air medical flight crews describe their work this way. They love what they do. Many admit they would gladly do it for free, or even pay for the chance to fly and help people.

It makes sense. Flying in a multi-million dollar aircraft. Co-workers you think of as second-family. The chance to give something special and valuable to your community – each and every day.

For many, flying air medical is a dream come true.

Is air medical right for you?

5 Reasons to Believe What I Say

  • I started my Emergency Medical Services (EMS) career over 25 years ago as an Army medic. I’ve worked full-time as a medic and EMS pilot. Our Flight Safety Network team has over 50+ years of EMS and rescue experience. We know what works, and sometimes more importantly, we know what does not work.
  • I currently work full-time coaching future flight nurse, flight paramedic, and EMS pilots.
  • I am the director of Flight Safety Network, a community of over 180,000 professionals and caring supporters committed to keeping air medical flight crews safe.
  • I personally coached hundreds of EMTs, Paramedics & Nurses to air medical flight and ground careers of their choice.
  • Some places you can find me or my work are listed below . . .

Here is a Summary of the Benefits You Receive

  • Fly front seat with your personal coach and air medical pilot. See what actual flight crews see.
  • Hear the engines, see the sights, live the dream during flyovers of three different air medical hospital heliports.
  • One-on-one coaching (air & ground) on Air Medical Resource Management (AMRM), radio operation and navigation. Hear, feel, see what it takes to safely operate as professional air medical flight crew.
  • The absolute best way to test your physical and mental suitability for air medical.
  • 4 night / 5 day stay in scenic and majestic Pennsylvania. All lodging, meals and rental car included in package. Training weeks may be scheduled during Fall foliage season dependent on coach availability. Airfare to Pennsylvania not included.
  • 'You talk we type’ flight resume launch service. Our team knows exactly what hospitals and air medical companies look for in resumes and cover letters. We guarantee to get your resume and cover letter noticed.
  • Simulated Air Medical interview with real air medical professionals – videotaped and critiqued.
  • Unlimited email access to Flight Safety Network coach & founder, Troy, for 3 months.
  • Full Access to all Flight Safety Network coaching programs and home study courses (including all new course editions & updates) for one full year.
  • Flight Audit Report – a written, no b.s. assessment of where you are today versus what you need to do to land an air medical flight crew job. Includes action steps and progress tracker.
  • One full day of personal coaching and review of the top 100 most asked questions in a flight interview – from our database of questions reported by members within the last 12 months.

What Others Say About Us

Gail Terry, MPH, EMT-P, Flight Paramedic, Fernandina Beach, FL

Before I found Flight Safety Network I was a nevous wreck about my flight interview.  I read books and researched online forums but Flight Safety Network beat them all. I now feel excited about sharing my past experience in a flight interview and getting on with my air ambulance career.  I am no longer in a state of continual worry. Flight Safety Network’s coaching program has taken such a load off my mind. Now I can relax and know I am going into my interviews completely prepared.

Gail Terry, MPH, EMT-P, Flight Paramedic, Fernandina Beach, FL

Flight Safety Network took me by the hand and showed me what to do for every step of the ‘get a flight job’ process.

Troy’s advice on how to write a flight resume and cover letter was priceless.  His sample interview questions and tips on what to look for in a flight program are worth the price of the whole home study course.

I worked really hard to earn my FP-C and CCEMT-P certifications, I don’t want a stupid mistake or something I just don’t know about the industry to keep me from landing my dream job.  Flight Safety Network took care of all the details so I didn’t have to worry.

Rob Baughman, FP-C, CCEMT-P, Chambersburg, PA

Flight Safety Network helped me clearly understand the real opportunities available in the air medical industry.  Troy quickly put me at ease and made recommendations that made perfect sense for my personal and professional career goals.  If your serious about getting  started with an air ambulance job, you owe it to yourself to get in touch with Flight Safety Network.  I am so glad I did.  Now I have a goal and a path to follow.

Laura Tremaine, EMT, San Anselmo, CA

My coaching session with Flight Safety Network was awesome!  It confirmed the path I’m following to a profesional flight crew career is a  good one.  Troy listened to the steps I’ve taken so far, and made recommendations I can use, right now, today.  They put me on a direct  path to success.  ”The Flight Stuff” eBook and ‘Get a Flight Job’ checklist are excellent resources.  The personal coaching session was icing on the cake.

Joseph Sparks, EMT-P, St. Petersburg, FL

I was skeptical when I first found Flight Safety Network.  I really did not want to spend money on stuff I figured I already knew. And with 21 years' experience as a medic, I didn't think there was too much I hadn't already seen.

After completing the Flight Safety Network audio course and coaching with Troy, all I can say is - Wow! I am so glad I bought the training. It was worth every penny and then some!

The flight interview tips and fast-action worksheets were priceless. The course teaches what questions to expect in a flight interview and exactly how to answer. Some answers I used 'as is' during my interview.

Nothing speaks louder than results, as they say. Next week I start my training to fly for one of the best air medical teams in the United States. Thank you, Flight Safety Network!

Rod Witkos, Flight Paramedic, FP-C, UMASS Memorial LifeFlight, Worcester, MA

Flight Safety Network is terrific.  They gave me straight forward, easy  to understand advice and clear directions on how best to get started on an air ambulance flight crew career.

I had no idea how a flight  interview worked or what to expect until speaking with the experts at  Flight Safety Network.

Troy quickly put my fears to rest, and for the first time, I felt like wow, I can really do this!  I now know one day I’ll earn the title of ‘Flight Crew’.  I really can’t thank them enough.

Jess Riddle, EMT, Anaconda, MT

Flight Safety Network gave me the exact advice I needed to start my air medical career with confidence.  Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who’s been there, done that, to know you’re on the right track.

Troy listened to my personal situation and then customized an easy-to-follow, step-by-step road map for me to reach my flight goals in the shortest time possible without messing up my family situation. Now that I have a plan I know will work, I’m so excited to get started it’s all i can think about.

Catheleen Kloczowski, EMT, Ilion, NY

Flight Safety Network coached me to my first flight job. Before I found Flight Safety Network, I went on interviews, never got a call back and didn't understand why. The tips in the audio course and Troy's personal coaching were right on.

After listening to the audio course and working with Troy it almost seemed "unfair." Once you know what to say and look for, and have the confidence to show your skills and talk about your past experiences, it's just a matter of time until you get hired."

Daniel Baskett, Flight Paramedic, FP-C, PHI Air Medical, Arlington, TX

Your New Office   --A Medical Helicopter

Imagine being excited to go to work.

Showing up at your ‘office’ — which is really an air medical helicopter or airplane.

Then taking report from the off-going flight medic & nurse, checking equipment and immediately getting paged out to the scene of a multi-car interstate pile up.  It’s heart-pounding exciting and humbling all at the same time.

Think about what it’s like to land at an accident scene and see everyone breathe a sigh of relief the moment you and your partner hop out of the helicopter.  Because they know when you show up, things just got better.  They know the help they need just arrived.  Imagine being part of a flight team.  Imagine doing your very best for the patients you can help — and getting them to trauma centers in time.  Imagine what it feels like to save a life and have one of the survivors come back to thank you in person.

It really is a special job.  At times, it really is beyond words.

Of course, not every flight is dramatic.  Some are just routine hospital transfers.  A patient needs a specialist and it’s your job to get them from one hospital to another safely.  So you package up the patient and spend the afternoon flying from one hospital to another.

The truth is that you never know exactly what your day will bring until it happens.  But for some people (almost all trauma junkies) that’s part of the excitement.  The anticipation of the next call.  The excitement of not knowing what’s next, but the confidence of knowing you can handle whatever comes your way.

It really is a job like no other.  It really is the best job ever.

A Special Feeling

Or the feeling you get opening a crayon-drawn helicopter thank you card . . . from a 6-year old girl you flew from a car crash to a trauma center.

Reward Yourself with A Job You Love

How Much Does It Cost

If you act now and register before September 29, of this year: One-on-One Premier Fly Up Front Coaching is $24,995.00.

After September 29, of this year, the price jumps to $27,995.00

*Note: an initial payment of only 10,000.00 is required to reserve a training spot. The remaining balance is due in full 30 days before training starts.

Here's How To Order Right Now

To order the How To Earn Air Medical Flight Crew Wings MP3 & Fast Action Worksheets just click the Enroll Me and Create My Account button below.

What happens next?

As soon as you complete your payment, we send you an email with your username (you pick it during checkout) and password.  Just login to your private member's area and checkout some of the ground training. You can do most of the ground training right from your computer or smart phone.

And of course if you want to download the files to your computer or device, we give you easy directions on how to do it.

A welcome aboard information packet will be mailed to you.

Your personal coach will contact you within 48 hours to discuss travel and training dates.