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Medics Protect Patient After Bullet Pierces Ambulance

Medics Protect Patient After Bullet Pierces Ambulance

PHILADELPHIA — An ambulance was hit by a stray bullet while transporting a patient to the hospital.

6 Action News of West Philadelphia reported the ambulance was en-route to the hospital with a patient on board when gunfire erupted around the ambulance.

Paramedics say situations like this one don’t happen all the time, but are frequent enough that it’s not considered a rare event.

Philadelphia Deputy Fire Commissioner of EMS Fire Operations Gary Loesch said the paramedics got down on the floor of the ambulance and protected the patient until the gunfire stopped.

“It’s unfortunate our people are put in these positions when people hear that firefighters take their lives in their hands every day, they don’t realize medics and EMTs take their lives in their hands every day, and it’s not by fire, but by incident and situation they’re put into,” Loesch said.

Police are currently investigating the incident.

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