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Fire Chief Suspended for Falsifying Paramedic Pay Records

Fire Chief Suspended for Falsifying Paramedic Pay Records

CUMBERLAND, Maine — A fire chief was suspended after allegedly falsifying payroll records and offering paramedics extra pay for hard-to-fill shifts on the weekends.

Fire Chief Daniel Small was suspended without pay for five days as punishment for deliberately falsifying payroll records.

Chief Small said he promised to pay two paramedics double to cover a weekend shift after the Fourth of July. He then changed the records to say that the paramedics worked on different days than they actually did.

Chief Small said he scheduled two paramedics to work the weekend after the Fourth of July, promising them “double time” or double pay to cover shifts that he wasn’t able to fill otherwise. One paramedic worked 24 hours on July 8; the other worked 12 hours on July 9, Chief Small said.

Chief Small said although he is allowed to pay paramedics double for holidays, he did not get permission ahead of time.

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