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What Makes Flight Safety Net T-shirts Special

Teamwork Saves Lives

For a second, imagine the worst. A moment of inattention causes your car to veer off the road and lose control. One second everything is fine, the next moment your entire world is upside down in a ditch. Everything that matters is at stake - your spouse, your children, your life.

The good news is there's a whole network of people standing by to help you and your family. Flight Safety Network is the people who keep air medical safe. From the bystander who calls 911, to the dispatcher who takes your call, to the EMT who arrives at your accident, to the Fire Department who sets up the landing zone for the inbound helicopter and flight crew.

Flight Safety Network is with you and your family every step of the way. And that is what makes Flight Safety Network special. People make it special. People are what matters. From the volunteers to the trauma doctors - special people making a difference in the lives of others.

Who Wears Flight Safety Net Gear?

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Kristi Davis Yarbrough, RN, CFRN, CEN, NREMT-P, Flight Nurse AE67. Greenville, TX, "Fly LIke a Girl" Tee

Kelly Long, Flight Nurse, Bayflite, Northport, Florida,  "Fly Like a Girl" Hoodie

Gloria Solomon, RN/CEN/EMT; Cassondara Newman, Paramedic; Betty Bailey, RN/BSN; 3-Year Survivor; Ladies of EMS working EagleMed 18, Hugo, Oklahoma, "Fly Like a Girl" Hoodies

Sarah Sabella, JEFFSTAT, Flight Medic & Crew, on top Thomas Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, "Fly Like a Girl" Tee

Christine Garcia, Paramedic, FDNY; former Flight Medic with Native Air, NREMT-P, FP-C, "Never Forget" Tee

Mary Kobbe, STAT Medevac, Flight Nurse, Pittsburgh, PA, "Go Vertical" Tee

Nicki Meuse, Flight Paramedic, Atlantic Air 3, PHI, New Jersey, "For The Cure" Tee

Jeffrey Birks, Mercy Flight, Flight Medic, Great Falls, Montana, "For The Cure" Tee

Michelle Noelani Oddi, Flight Nurse, CALSTAR, California, "For The Cure" Tee

Tammy Forbes, Flight Nurse, RN, CEN, NREMT, Air Evac Lifeteam, "For The Cure" Tee

Ann Merklin, retired RN & EMT, Very proud Mom of an EMT, FP-C, Flight Medic, "For The Cure" Tee

Dennis Walker, Nurse, Fan, T-shirt Contest Winner, "On Scene" Tee

Bill Ankney, Fan, Supporter, Nice guy, "You Gotta Be Sic" Tee

Marty Achtermann, Helicopter Pilot, Fan, Inside the Grand Canyon, "Always Be Flying" Tee

Charles, Air Force Medic/EMT, Fan, Supporter, "Tail Rotor Club" Tee

Jacob, Noah & Sarah, Cool Kids wearing Cool Gear, "Always Be Flying" shirts with Medic, EMT, and Flight Nurse, "Wings of Gold" Flexfit Hats

Keith Dean, Offshore Paramedic, Gulf of Mexico, "For The Cure" Tee

Kim Wessels, RN, Chief Flight Nurse, Midwest Medair, "Hover Lover" Tee

Jeff Wilson, Fan, Supporter, Volunteer Firefighter, "Go Vertical" Tee

Georgia AirLife 9 with Flight Nurses Brandy Stuart, left, and Molly Williams, right, “Always Be Flying” Tees

Eoin Merriman, Son of proud paramedic Mom, Medevac 112, "Stupid Never Sleeps" Tee


Florian Hauser, Critical Care Ground Paramedic, EMS of Germany, "Stupid Never Sleeps" Tee


Emmanuel Perez Moctezuma, Medic, "Star of Life" Tee


Eric Trojanowski, Future Flight Nurse, Medic or Pilot, "Crew Wings" Tee


Christina Weng, Medic Cap, Night Vision Goggle Scene Call T-shirt, Peoples Republic of China


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How To Get A Shirt - The Big Picture

  • Pay for your shirt.
  • Join our mailing list.
  • Complete your safety quiz and send it back.
  • Enjoy your shirt!

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How To Get a Shirt - The Details:

1. Pay quickly and easily via Paypal (the most secure payment processor in the world)

Pay with your Paypal account or credit card

*Please note we do not accept checks or money orders.


2. Join our mailing list

After you pay it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 emails:

A.  The first email says: “Please click the link below to complete your purchase of the ’Limited Edition T-shirt”

B.  Just click the link in the email

C.  The second email says: Confirm your subscription

*Click on it and we’ll send you the third email with your safety quiz.


3. Complete the quiz & send it back

A. Answer the quiz questions by writing 1 a, 2 b, 3 True, etc.  Keep it simple.

B. Click reply to the email and send your answers back (just like replying to any other email from a friend – easy).

C. *Not required for FlightSafetyNet Rewards members

Questions & Answers

  • Q.What shirt sizes are available?

    A.Youth XS through Adult 6XL. There is an additional charge for sizes larger than Adult XL.

  • Q.How do I pick the right shirt size?

    A.Please see the sizing charts below.

  • Q.How long until I get my shirt?

    A.Please plan on 2-3 weeks for delivery of shirts (possibly longer for international orders).

  • Q.What is the brand and quality of the shirt?

    A.Gilden Ultra-Cotton T-shirt: 6.1 oz 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Sturdy heavyweight cotton. Double needle stitched for durability. Looks great, comfortable and gets better with each washing.  Gildan Ultra is one of the most popular t-shirt brands in the world.  In fact, you might be wearing one right now. Sizes larger than 4XL are Port & Company shirts, a different high-quality brand. Gilden Ultra shirts available only through 4XL.

  • Q.What colors are available?

    A.All Limited Edition T-shirts are Red, White, or Blue (Navy)

  • Q.Is there a shipping charge?

    A.Yes.  Shipping is calculated at checkout and is based on your location and number of shirts ordered.  Standard shipping is around $5.95 for most locations in the United States. International and overseas orders cost more.

  • Q.Do I Have To Take The Quiz To Get A Shirt?

    A.Yes.  We’re Flight Safety Network. Making air medical safer is what we do. You must complete the quiz and send it back (just reply to the quiz email) to earn a shirt.

  • Q.What if I Pay But Do Not Do the Quiz?

    A.Five days after the event ends we match up payment receipts with completed quizzes until we get as many matches as shirts we promised to sell. If we do not get a quiz back from you, we refund your money and take you off the T-shirt mailing list.

  • Q.What if I Don’t Pass The Quiz?

    A.There is no pass or fail score on the safety quiz.  It is an instructional quiz, meaning you learn some things about air medical safety just by taking the quiz.  Also, about a week after the event ends, we send out the answers to the entire mailing list.

  • Q.Does it matter how fast I do the quiz?

    A.No.  You have 5 full days to complete the quiz after buying the shirt. The most important thing you can do to guarantee you get one of the limited edition shirts is buy early. We set the pecking order based on the time and date on your payment receipt.  Then we match up completed quizzes after the event ends.

  • Q.How do I know I'm all set?

    A.Please note, we do not match up payment receipts and quizzes during the event.  If you complete your quiz and submit it by replying with your answers to our quiz email, we will get it. Do not worry. Once you reply with your answers to the quiz – that’s it!  You’re all set! Approximately a week after the event ends, we send a follow-up email with the answers to the quiz.

  • Q.Why is there a quiz to buy a T-shirt?

    A.Flight Safety Network is the people who keep air medical flights safe. It’s important to us you understand the basics about air medical safety. Sure, we could probably sell more shirts without a quiz. But the simple truth is we’re a lot more about air medical safety than t-shirts. That’s the reason for the quiz. Plus, once you earn the shirt, it will mean more to you because you earned it.  Trust us on this one.  Bottom line: our t-shirts, our rules.  Your choice to earn one or not.

  • Q.How do I get the bonuses?

    A.Order today and we’ll automatically send you the bonuses offered for today’s date (listed below). The free eBooks, checklists and audio files are super easy to use and download. Just click on the link and listen on your computer. No techie stuff required.  Or if you want to download the files onto your MP3 player or smart phone, we provide easy directions on how to do it. We reserve the right to remove any and all bonuses at any time.

  • Q.Does it matter how quickly I pay?

    A.Yes. Your payment receipt determines your number on the t-shirt list.  The quicker you pay the higher your placement on the list.

  • Q.Can I buy more than one shirt?

    A.Yes. We gave in on this one. Due to all the requests for insider information (and the outright pleading and begging), we’re ‘flexing’ our own rules from 300 shirts to 300 orders.

  • Q.Do we ship internationally?

    A.Yes.  We ship world-wide.

    You can find Flight Safety Net shirts in the following countries (so far):

    Australia, South Africa, Canada, Great Britain, United Kingdom, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Fiji, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, New Zealand, Bermuda, Mexico, Brazil, and more.

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